About us

Recreation and sports complex "Trīssaliņas" is situated on three islands and around the pond called "Mucenieki", so that every guest could feel undisturbed and can fully enjoy the rest. We have thought about each of our Guests as we have a special little place for romantics in the log cabin on the Birch-tree Island; Bath-house Island with the guest house and sauna for small parties; Tavern for large weddings or sports events as well as Pine Island with a log cabin or "Kaķīškalns" for a great family vacation.

In order not to spend the whole day in the hospitable guesthouse rooms we have prepared for you, according to season, a variety of leisure activities in nature, offering sports fields, children's playground, beach, boat, catamarans, natural and recreational trail, ride with "Zebrēns" (small car), viewing tower, camping and tent sites, fishing, in winter rides from the mountains or rotation in the "wheel of the devil."

Every season we start with some news so that our visitors, who have return to us, would have a new leisure activities and spent holidays with us would be unforgettable.

K.Apškrūma's inscription for "Trīssaliņām"
K.Apškrūma's inscription for "Trīssaliņām"
Certificate of Recognition: "Best Preserved Enterprise in the Smiltene Municipality 2012"
Certificate of Recognition
"Best Preserved Enterprise in the Smiltene Municipality 2012"