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If you have decided to visit our recreation complex, we recommend for you to also visit the most beautiful places in the surrounding area.

     We are located only a 20 minute drive away from the town of Smiltene. It is famous both for its beautiful, clean environment and active recreation opportunities. Explore the untouched nature reserves near “Trissalinas” and discover the stunning natural landscapes that await you. Below you can read about the places worth visiting when you are staying in “Trissalinas”.

Stonhedža, apskates objekts Smiltenē


If you want to enjoy slow walks and the peace of nature you should definitely visit Smiltenes Old Park. Although it is located in the very center of the city, the park is quiet and delights with the variety of natural and human made objects. Going through the park, you will reach Lake Teperis, which is also a popular tourist attraction. A quieter place for a walk will be Certene Castle Mound, which is surrounded by a pine forest. Locals and city guests love to spend time in Lake Niedraja territory it is rich with walking and cycling paths. Forest lake Salainis is unique because it’s shape from the bird flight looks just like Latvian border contour. 
At the sunset we recommend to visit one of the unofficial tourism places – Smiltene “Stonehenge”. These are ordinary barn ruins, but at sunset it looks a lot like real Stonehenge in the UK. The nearby summer flower meadows add an even more special atmosphere to this place. Also not far from “Trissalinas” is possible to see the Randatu Cliffs, where are also a nature trail located. 

More nature objects of our region you can find here. 

Pastaigu vieta Smiltenē - Tepera promenāde

Active Recreation

Those who want to enjoy active recreation might already feel satisfied in our sports complex. We offer paddling with SUP boards, a boat or catamaran rent. Also the most active ones will be able to stretch their legs in of our sports fields (More about offer here). 
But if after spending active time in “Trissalinas” there is still a desire for more urban entertainment, then you can visit Smiltene Bowling. Due to the high demand, we recommend that you reserve a lane in advance.
In the Sports Complex “Teperis” you can enjoy go-kart rides on the go-kart track. In winter there is also a ski track.


Read more about active recreation in Smiltene region here.

Mēru muiža, kurā atrodas Smiltenes novada muzejs

Culture & History

You can learn about the history of the Smiltene area in the county museum, which is located in the premises of the Mēru Manor. The manor is surrounded by park where you can find the largest oak in the Baltics (when measured by the crown). Zvārtava Castle is also one of the vivid evidences of the history of the local area. It still retains part of its original interior. The palace also hosts art exhibitions and various events. The Aumeisters Manor Complex is also located very close by. Manor was built in 1533 and here you can feel historical evidence on every step.

If you choose to stay with us in the summer time, then be sure to also take a look at the calendar of cultural events available on the Smiltene district website. In the summer there are various events organized and the city festival is very magnificent event every year. 

Ja vēlaties baudīt nesteidzīgas pastaigas un dabas mieru, tad Jums noteikti jāapmeklē Vecais Smiltenes parks, kas gan, lai atrodas pašā pilsētas centrā, tomēr ir kluss un priecē ar dabas un cilvēka radīto objektu daudzveidību. Izejot cauri parkam, jūs nonāksiet pie Tepera ezera, kas arī ir tūristu iemīļota apskates vieta. Klusāka pastaigu vieta būs Cērtenes pilskalns, kuru ieskauj priežu mežs. Savukārt saulrietā iesakām apmeklēt vienu no neoficiālajiem tūrisma objektiem – Smiltenes Stounhedžu. Netālu no mums esošajā Virešu pagastā ir iespējams aplūkot Randātu klintis, kur ierīkota arī dabas taka.

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Viesu nams Smiltenes novadā

Mēs atrodamies vien 20 minūšu braucienā no Smiltenes pilsētas, kas izslavēta gan ar skaisto, sakopto vidi, gan aktīvās atpūtas iespējām. Mums apkārt atrodas vairāki dabas liegumi, kas liecina par dabas daudzveidību un latviskām ainavām. Tālāk pastāstīsim par vietām, kur vērts iegriezties, kad esat mūsu pusē.

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